Monday, January 2, 2012

Frommer's Top Destination List: Bay of Fundy

Image from Frommer's
Frommer's have just released their list of top destinations 2012 and the Bay of Fundy is the first location listed (and the only Canadian selection on the list).  The brief article naturally enough stresses the extreme tidal range, and singles out Hopewell Cape Rocks in New Brunswick as the best place to experience it. Although the tidal range is slightly higher on several locations on the Nova Scotia side of the bay, the natural beauty of the unique rock formations at Hopewell Cape contribute to the experience there.  The article does mention a number of other activities to be part of a trip to the destination, including jet boating against the Reversing Falls in Saint John, rafting with the tidal bore in Shubenacedie, rappeling at the Cape Engrage lighthouse, and hiking along the Fundy Trail.  Mention is also made of the hospitality of the region, and various culinary delights.  Other locations on the Frommer's top destination list are Beirut, Lebanon; Chongqing, China; Curacao, a Caribbean island; Fukuoka, Japan; Girona, Spain; Greenwich, UK; Kansas City, USA; Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; Moab, Utah U.S.A.; Hanalei Beach, Kauai; Tromso, Norway; Aysen, Chile; Great Smoky Mountains National Park in USA; Lima, Peru; Whitsunday Islands, Australia; Albanian Riviera; Turkey and Chicago, Illinois .  While it was disappointing that Fundy was not selected as one of the Seven Natural Wonders when the competition concluded a few months ago, but it is great to see it noted in this well known travel listing.  We hope that this selection will help convince more to explore the Bay of Fundy region.