Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Albert County Tourism Site

The Albert County Tourism Association has an excellent website that will be valuable both to tourists and those who live in the area.  Albert County extends from Fundy National Park to the Petitcodiac River near Moncton, including such popular tourism destinations as Cape Enrage Lighthouse, Hopewell Cape Rocks and the Albert County Museum. The latter has been significantly developed in recent years, and includes special exhibits on Canada's eleventh prime minister, R. B. Bennett, who came from this area.  One thing I like about the Albert County Tourism website is that when you select a topic at the top (e.g. Things to To, Places to Stay, Where to Eat, etc.), it brings up a regional Google map with the various sites indicated.  Clicking on an icon brings up contact information for that establishment, and in some cases a website link.  This is an easy way to at a glance see what is available near you.  While not every Albert County establishment is listed, the selection is pretty comprehensive. When visiting Fundy or the Hopewell Cape Rocks, plan to spend an extra day or two in Albert County, with the Albert County Tourism Association website as your guide.